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Up AppleNewtonFan NPDS Server 1 Sat, 23-Oct-2021 11:06:11 GMT
Down AppleNewtonFan NPDS Server 3 Sat, 23-Oct-2021 00:56:18 GMT
Up AppleNewtonFan NPDS Server 2 Sat, 23-Oct-2021 11:06:16 GMT
Up (Sharing) Message-Pad.net | O.O | DJ Dr Clu OASIS Music Sat, 23-Oct-2021 11:02:29 GMT
Up (Sharing) Message-Pad.net | OoO | NPDS 2.3.x beta Sat, 23-Oct-2021 11:02:29 GMT

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About NPDS:

The friendly web server you can hold in your hand.

NPDS is a web server and associated support modules for Newton devices running Newton OS 2.x. It was originally a project started by Matt Vaughn based on sample code by Ray Rischpater. Other contributors are Adam Tow, Victor Rehorst and Paul Guyot for this particular branch of the code. There is also a Unicode-based branch of NPDS that was being developed by Yoichi Takezawa. The NPDS site is currently preened and noodled by Grant Hutchinson. Special thanks to the NPDS webmasters who have helped by testing and sending in their bug reports and suggestions.

Information and archives for the NPDS mailing list are also available.

NPDS component modules:

Grab the latest versions of the NPDS modules for this branch of development.NPDS-List-Modules

More informations on npds.free.fr: